Listening to Adventures in the Land of Westeros

GoT Season 5 PosterWhen it comes to the Land of Westeros, you get in touch with many different mystical and dazzling stories about ancient prophecies, swords, dragons and more. The Land of Westeros comprises of seven different kingdoms. However, there is just one king. The power struggles for the throne lay the foundation for the audiobook. The perfect blend of courage, mystery and emotions make this fantasy series from George R.R Martin one of the most popular audiobooks.

Until now, George R.R Martin has authored many different books in this series. According to the rumors, the series will last for 7 books. The epic tale of the Land of Westeros has already sold more than 15 million copies. The audiobook has been translated into more than 20 languages from different regions of the world. Many TV shows, comics and video games are also associated with the series.

Who is George R.R Martin

George R.R Martin is one of the most renowned novelists and short story writers in the fantasy, horror and science fiction genres. In addition to this, he is also a screenwriter and television producer. A Game of Thrones Audiobook is considered his best work till date. It is an excellent adaptation of the bestselling series. With narration from Roy Dotrice, the audiobook sounds exceptional.

As mentioned above, Roy Dotrice is the narrator of the audiobook. A lot of people have praised his voice. He has made an excellent attempt to come up with different voices for various situations. With his experience and expertise, he has been able to come up with different voices at ease. All his characters sound real and mysterious. This suits the aura of the audiobook.

Whether Roy Dotrice spoke in his natural voice or used modulation to sound like different characters in the book, he did a top notch job. It is worth mentioning that there are many different characters in the series to give them a unique voice. However, with Roy Dotrice’s voice, there is no need for multiple narrators.

The Basic Plot of A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones Audiobook revolves around 8 primary characters. Every character in the series plays an important role, and focuses on a different perspective. Roughly, the audiobook has been divided into 3 powerful stories. All these stories are interconnected with each other.

The stories in the series include the uprising of a princess, the war of various feuding families and the threat of a mystical, magical race. Though the events take place about 100 miles apart from each other, the events in the book unfold in a defined chronological order.

As mentioned earlier, the narration has been given by Roy Dotrice. He is a very successful British actor, and an old friend of the author. Roy Dotrice has always been popular for his energy, enthusiasm and range of voices. His aim with every narration is to give characters unique inflections and mannerisms.

From kids to adults, Roy Dotrice has been able to capture every moment in the audiobook perfectly. He has been able to depict every character in the best possible manner. When you listen to A Game of Thrones Audiobook, your experience will be exceptional. In fact, due to the excellent narration from Roy Dotrice, he has been commissioned to read other books in the series too.

It is worth mentioning that Roy was first unable to give his voice to audiobook four due to some scheduling conflicts. However, the fan outrage encouraged him to go past certain issues, and record the book in time. A Game of Thrones Audiobook lasts for 33 hours or 800 pages. It is a long, nice listen. Roy’s mesmerizing voice will make you sit through the entire audiobook with zeal and excitement.

Why is Game of Thrones so popular?

With knights, direwolves, mysterious creatures, dragons and a mysterious plot, A Game of Thrones always keeps you interested. This is one of the best audiobooks in the fiction genre. Though there were many other classics in the genre, A Game of Thrones has become the most popular and best selling product in the market.

George R.R Martin’s high fantasy execution lays the foundation of the audio book’s appeal. There is no doubt that the audiobook is a masterpiece. The book comprises of numerous characters in various families. Every character in the book has its own ancestral motto, sigil and history. Once you start this book, you will read it again and again.

George R.R Martin is an exceptional storyteller, especially when you read his mystery books. You would wonder about Jon Snow’s mother, the White Walkers, the assassinations and more. Though some questions and queries have already been answered, there are still many others that remain unresolved.

Due to the surprises and excitement, the audiobook has been extremely popular among the masses. The series has quickly built a strong reputation, and a huge fan following. The audiobook presents exciting examples and mysteries that keep you interested and engaged until the end. All the surprises have been designed in a way that you never see them coming.

The Roy Dotrice Game of Thrones audiobook download offers a thrilling and exciting experience. This is a well loved series by people from different age groups, locations and genders. There’s no doubt that the audiobook is worth the price. The destination of the journey will make everything worthwhile.

Though you’ll like everything about the audiobook, there are still some things you will love more. According to most listeners, the Direwolf pups story is fascinating. In the beginning of the audiobook, every pup embodies the character of the master. Most people love the Ghost character.

The stories of the Stark children, especially Arya, will keep you interested. Her tom-boy ways will make sure you don’t miss her antics. Bran deserved a lot more than he got in the book. However, there might be some interesting surprises to reshape his character.

Most listeners loved the storyline when Prince Viserys got his much awaited crown. All the tales from the Wall are interesting. Most importantly, you will love how George R.R Martin takes forward Daenerys’ empowerment and the rebirth of her dragons.

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