Winter and Dry Skin Go Hand In Hand


The blustery months of winter are approaching fast. That means the temperatures will drop and the air will become crisp. If you don’t take extra measures, your skin can become dry and chapped. This is especially true for your face, lips and hands. Winter and dry skin go hand in hand; other than wearing gloves and scarves to cover your exposed skin there really is no way to prevent dry skin during the cold winter months. It is very easy to wrap a scarf around your neck and slip on a pair of gloves or mittens but how do you prevent the wind from hitting your face? You could wear a ski mask but let’s be practical; I don’t think you will see a lot of people doing that in public, unless they are skiing or planning a robbery. While you may not be able to prevent dry skin, there are natural remedies for dry facial skin that will help heal your dry skin and keep it healthy during winter months.